Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a.....

Note: Just wanted to state that in my first blog I had mentioned having sensitive feelings about people out there who get pregnancy naturally. I wanted to clarify that this statement was referring to people whom have NEVER struggled with TTC. Anyone who has had to struggle with fertility absolutely deserves to have it happen naturally. As does anyone, but honestly I am much more thrilled for someone who's been through the ringer and are blessed with conceiving naturally. I hope that makes sense. 

The weeks are flying by! I can't believe we're over half way there. We had the anatomy scan a week ago and found out...much to our surprise....we're having a boy!!! Apparently my instincts were WRONG! It's taken all week to adjust, but we're thrilled all the same. It's funny how people assume that men want a boy and women want a girl. I've had numerous people ask me if Mr. Bags was so excited to be having a boy and is he happy to have someone to carry on his name. Honestly, those things didn't even cross our minds. We are happy either way to just be in this place and are excited to plan for our son. Eeek! So weird to type that!

The anatomy scan went really well and all looks great I'll post a pic below. We sat there with our mouths hanging open at all the things you could see in the scan. We had an OB doing it so he was able tell us everything he was seeing and was able to give us the results right there. We feel so very fortunate that all of  is going well. Now for the stats...

Status: 21w5d

Weight Gain: As of my last OB appt. I've gained 17 pounds. It seems to be right on target as I gained 4 pounds since my last appt. which was 4 weeks ago. 

Symptoms: Indigestion!! This started last week and I've had to be more careful about what I eat and how much. My appetite has slowed down and I've noticed that I'm getting fuller sooner. Tums help and sometimes I need to sleep sitting up. Other than that, feeling good! 

Cravings: nothing major

Aversions: Still certain smells

Exercise: uhhh have fallen off the wagon since coming back to work, but did prenatal yoga yesterday and planning on a walk today. Plus it's COLD out! No excuse, I know. :) 

Best Moment of the Week: Finding out the gender and seeing his little face during the anatomy scan. He continues to move quite a bit throughout the day which is a thrill all it's own. 

What I Look Forward to: Diving into getting the house ready. We have  A LOT of crap to get rid of LOL! Purging feels so good! 

Here's a pic of Keiki's little face! 

P.S. wanted to give a shout out to Tippy! Thanks for letting me steal your stats list! :)


  1. Yay, yay, yay! Love the photo! :)

  2. So FRIGGIN' awesome, girl! Congrats on the boy! :D And, for the record, I'm partial to boys and T wants a the whole hubby-wants-boys thing is a total bust right there. LOL And what a beautiful pic of your little Keiki!