Sunday, May 27, 2012

40 and counting...

SOOooo I thought the next time I'd be posting I would be sleep deprived, exhausted and on cloud 9 with our take home baby snoozing on my chest. Well he's decided to stay snug inside my belly a little longer.

Much to the dismay of my mom and MIL who rushed down here at the first sign of early labor last Friday (5/18) nothing has progressed past a few hours of cramping and a little bit of lower back pain as of this afternoon. We've had a great week of some real quality time together, but alas no baby yet.

Yes, I've tried just about everything under the sun except drinking Castor oil which my midwife advised against as it would just upset my bowels and dehydrate me... lol!

So here we sit. Me, Keiki, Mr. Bags and the cats. Unfortunately my MIL had to go home and will probably miss the birth of her first grandchild. I feel terrible about it, but I suppose ultimately as long as she's able to be a part of his life long term that's all that matters.

It's a beautiful evening here and I think I'll go out for yet ANOTHER walk to try and get this kid moving! Hopefully the NEXT time I post I'll have a pic of the Keiki to share....

In some other WONDERFUL, exciting news my very good friend over at From IF to When has had an amazing turn of events in she and her husband's journey to becoming parents. On the adoption track after IF and treatments they had a bit of a bumpy road and in the matter of 24 hours they are now parents!!! We couldn't be any happier for them and it's quite apparent that this was meant to be. Take a look and be prepared to shed a joyful tear or two...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

In the home stretch

I'm a bad, bad  blogger! So sorry! You've all probably been thinking I fell off the face of the earth. Well I haven't and I'm still with child! :) I'm 39w1d and now just playing the waiting game. I went on leave a little bit earlier than planned which is not much to complain about except that I had to do a lot of work from home. The reason was that I had a little episode of early contractions at 35w6d. I had a VERY busy, active weekend and two busy days at work THEN some co-workers threw a surprise shower for us!  It was so sweet and fun but it just about did us in. It was book themed so we received a ton a books, which I love.

Anyhoo, during the shower I was having a lot of tightness and a little bit if pain. Right after everyone left the pain wasn't going away and in fact getting worse. So I called the midwives and we went ahead and headed to the hospital. Once we got there she asked me about symptoms and how far apart the contractions were with that info she told us to go get admitted. UGH!

64 oz of water, a 25mg Tribut.aline shot and four and a half hours, later I was sent home. I was indeed having contractions and we were hoping the water would help but alas it did not.  I wasn't dilated at all, but was about 60% effaced. I REALLY REALLY did NOT want to get the shot. In fact it made my heart race and made me nauseous. But in the end it helped and Keiki stayed inside a little longer....and is still there! 

He seems to be doing well. At this point he is measuring around 7 plus pounds and is sunny side up. Not too stoked about that and am doing some yoga poses and things to try to turn him but he's gonna do whatever he's gonna do. I've been going regularly to the chiropractor to keep my pelvis in-line which will help with back labor. I've also been getting regular massages with my doula and acupuncture to get this guy moving!   

Since my last post I've had a few more showers and lots of friends giving us hand-me-downs. We feel SOOO blessed and fortunate to be receiving so many beautiful gifts from friends and family! We've gotten some lovely handmade quilts, blankets (thanks K) and even a little bear papoose( thanks M)! We cannot wait to use them with Keiki. We are feeling quite equipped and ready to go for sure. The room is done for the most part. I'm going to have my MIL paint a tree mural to finish it off when she comes. 

We did a photo shoot with a good fellow IF friend who had twins almost a year ago. It was a perfect, magical experience. With her knowing our history and capturing these moments made it truly special. We happen to take them on our 11th wedding anniversary and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. See a few of our favorites below. 

Ok now for the stats. I'm so excited to say that the next time I post he will be here!!! I can't believe it. It's been an amazing, wonderful blissful experience to be pregnant and dare I say I think I'm going to miss it. Of course holding Keiki in our arms is going to take it to a whole other level of high....Wishing you all well and I will post something when he arrives!

Status: 39w1d 

Weight Gain: 26 pounds to date. Really happy with the weight gain. Although many people say I'm "huge". I think it's because I'm all belly. 

Symptoms: Still having crazy heartburn and trying home remedies to resolve it, but lately I've been resorting to Zantac which was OK'd by my midwife. It works great, but trying not to take it too much. Having some mid back pain here and there and right low back pain. To be expected at this point. 

Cravings: Every once in awhile a hamburger or sweets

Aversions: nothing 

Exercise: walking, swam this week, prenatal yoga

Best Moment of the Week: Being done with work! Yipppeee!! I love being at home and nesting. 

What I Look Forward to: The arrival of Keiki! Could be any day!!!