Sunday, April 1, 2012

32..where does the time go?!

Where did these last 8 weeks go??? I have no idea! All I can say is that between getting another little cold, feeling totally pooped when I get home from work and preparing the house for this little one to join us has eaten up those 8 weeks! I am 32 weeks now....32. I can hardly believe it. He will be in our arms in 8 weeks! Wait a minute that's how long it's been since I last blogged. OK reality check! That's gonna be here fast!

Needless to say we're as excited as ever and relishing in every kick, bump and hiccup. I'm feeling pretty good over all save for the gall bladder ache that is constantly present. I had been having it off and on in the mid 20's (weeks) then around 29 weeks it went into high gear. It was painful all the time. I went to urgent care since I don't have a PCP. The NP that saw me ordered a bunch of tests and all came back fine. Basically they told me I just have to live with it and if any other symptoms pop up (fever, nausea, vomiting) then I need to go to the ER. So far so good. Just need to encourage Keiki's foot to dislodge from that area from time to time and it feels better. :)

I am increasingly thankful for this time with him and need to remind myself to slow down and talk, read and sing to him. Our jobs and daily lives consume us so much during the week that we both tend to just come home eat and collapse into bed. A recent fellow blogger's post gave me a reality check of how things can change for the worse at any moment and that I need to cherish what is happening and WILL happen in the next 8 weeks. I hate to live in fear, but a dose of reality is good to keep one humble.

I hope you all are well out there and I will try to get back to this at least bi-monthly. Next post...showers nursery and switching docs!

Status: 32w4d 

Weight Gain: 23 pounds to date. Still a little on the concerned side of the weight gain. Not gaining the pound a week recommended. But my new doc/midwife said it may be that my body just metabolizes well and it's all going to the baby.  

Symptoms: Heart burn has better since eating earlier in the evenings and smaller meals throughout the day. Gall bladder pain not so fun although the lat couple of days have been a bit better. I been have pretty regular belly achiness at the end of the work day inhibiting exercise.  

Cravings: Last week French toast and a peach/banana/OJ smoothie. Yum!  

Aversions: nothing lately

Exercise: Still not doing well in this department. I am now getting back to prenatal yoga after three weeks of out of town business. Plus it's lighter later and getting warmer so that should help the cause. 

Best Moment of the Week: Touring the hospital after are LAST childbirth class. We have some other classes yet to take, but that was fun. Another great moment...getting the crib and Mr. Bags finishing the painting! It's all coming together! 
What I Look Forward to: Spring Break! Putting together the dresser, crib and decorating. Pics to come. 

Here's the latest belly pic last week taken at 30w6d. When I post again I'll put up a more recent one.