The Story of The Bags

Some of my followers are probably wondering about why I dubbed my DH as Mr. Bags. Well it's sort of a long story as these things usually are. So here it is: While on a trip to Hawaii one year with some friends my poor DH started coming down with a cold the day we arrived. He was totally bummed, of course. Especially since he couldn't smell anything on the island....UGH its' the worst! Anyway, he was drinking cup after cup of tea and one of our friends named him "Mr. Bags" because of all the tea bags he went through. My nickname involving the word "bag" has a whole different story behind it involving other friends and my alter-ego. But I won't get into that now....hehe.

Mr. Bags and I met in college through a mutual friend. I had just gotten through a serious break-up and was really just looking to be by myself for awhile. He came along with his sweet, charming, funny, sincere manner and boyish good looks and I couldn't resist! We went on our first date in April of 1997 and have been together ever since. We immediately hit it off through our love of music, good food, nature and good old fashion flirting. He proposed the year I graduated and in 2001, a year later,  we got married on the day of our first date. This year will be our 10 year anniversary and neither of us can hardly believe it much less feel like it's been that long.

We hope this year will be the year our family grows plus one (or two) :) We are more than ready and willing to take on the next role in our marriage, becoming parents.