TTC Timeline

 6/07-Started TTC after graduating with Masters degree.
12/07-Started looking into testing just to get the ball rolling; SA count, morphology and motility were a little low; my numbers were fine
4/08-HSG all clear except bicornorate looking uterus; OB & RE did nothing
6/08-10/09- 5 IUI's; all BFN (see history for details)
11/09-11/10-strictly TCM and trying naturally (currently still doing Acup); All of DH's #'s went up after TTC!!!
9/10-New RE consult to get into IVF Clinical trial; RE says uterus is NOT bicornuate, but it's a septum that he can removed and increase the chances of concieving on our own.
11/10-Septum removal
12/10-2/11-TTC naturally post surgery-BFN
3/11-IVF #1 Clinical trial cycle-BFP, but ended with a Blighted Ovum or poss. ectopic ? : ( It took 8 WEEKS for it to finallly be resolved. (see history for details)
6/11- 8 weeks later beta FINALLY back to 0 after beta Hell and we went on hold for a month
7/11-Begin IVF #2
8/11-had to put cycle on hold b/c of polyp, but got 14 eggies out of ER!!! Polyp removed. 10 eggies fertilized and were all frozen at 2 cells.
9/11-FET cycle: t'fered back 3 embryos; 1-8 cell and 2-7 cells. YAY!