Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to 2012

Where do I begin? Except to say welcome to my new blog! It's been since October that I blogged about anything. Work started to become hectic and between that and managing my changing body I just got out of the habit. I also wanted to really take the time to start this off right.

First of all, thank you for following me over here. I mainly just wanted to start a new blog to mark the start of this new chapter in our lives and IF journey. Even though we are where we want to be and waiting for our baby to come, I am still of the infertile mindset. When someone announces a pregnancy with the ease of it happening naturally, it still stings. I'm trying to work through that and focus on our little bean growing...rapidly I might add! I can't believe I'm almost 20 weeks!!! We have decided to name her (I write "her" loosely as we don't know for sure yet..more on that in the next post) Keiki (pronounced kay-kee), while in utero. This is the Hawaiian word for "little one".

The journey from the transfer until now has been amazing! Every step of the way and each week that goes by gives us more and more confidence that this is for real. We didn't breath easily until after the NT scan and the 12th week mark. Since then it has been so fun to watch my belly grow and start to feel movement! We've been able to hear the heartbeat several times and my cousin even let me borrow a monitor. It's best when used in the third trimester so we haven't been able to get much out of it yet.

In reflecting on 2011 there was quite a mix of highs and lows to be sure. A hopeful start then a devastating spring with a fun trip to Hawaii in the middle of it. The end of the school year came followed by a great trip to New Jersey and NYC to hang with my bloggie besties M & K. Then a very mixed end to the summer with the passing of my dad and the egg retrieval and transfer of the Keiki! The rest of the year has been pretty great with little to complain about. We got to close out the year in beautiful Tahoe with M and her husband T and my mom. We had a great time relaxing, getting outdoors and ringing in the New Year with a yummy dinner, Ping Pong and Champagne (sparkling cider for me of course: )).

We are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2011 and welcoming all that 2012 has to bring. I hope you can all do the same and whatever your heart desires comes to you with little resistance. Cheers to 2012!


  1. Jumping in to follow! :) I love your new look!!!

  2. following the new blog now :) OMG 20weeks already! 2012 is going to be an amazing year!!

  3. Yay!!! Love that your going to document the rest of your pregnancy here... A great start to a new year.

  4. Yay! So love the new blog, my friend. And I LOVE "her" name, Keiki. :-) Tahoe was a BLAST!! I still have my ping-pong